Business Licensing / Home Occupations

Roosevelt City appreciates your endeavor to be a pro-active in the business community. We encourage you to explore the many potential business opportunities in our area. It is our goal to make the business license procedure as quick and simple as possible. Below you will find the fee schedule as it pertains to particular businesses.

Renew Online

You can now renew your business license and home occupation online.
Permit Type
Commercial Business License Application Fee (one time fee)
Conditional Use Application $200.00
Home Occupation Application Fee $0.00
Basic Commercial Business License Renewal Fee $50.00
Home Occupation Renewal Fee $0.00
Additional Renewal Fees (excluding Home Occupation Permits)  
Whiteway (street lighting provided) $25.00
Sweeper Route $25.00
Tobacco Sales in retail establishment $25.00
Additional business at same location $25.00
Disproportionate Service (additional police protection provided) $5.00
Solicitation Fee $100.00