Public Works & Water

Roosevelt City's Public Works Department is responsible for preserving and maintaining City streets, sidewalks, buildings, and waterline maintenance within city limits. 
Public Works administers and provides services to the community as follows:

  • Main street Beautification
  • Waterline Maintenance 
  • Right-of-Way Maintenance 
  • Paint and Sign
  • Pavement Maintenance
  • Sewer Maintenance and Repair
  • Snow and Ice Control
  • Street Sweeping
  • Storm System Maintenance 
  • Water System 

Annual Water Reports

State Street Reconstruction Project 2023 Information

Burdick Materials has begun work on the UDOT Roosevelt State street project.  This project consists of road widening, a chip seal, paving, curb and gutter, and sidewalks  The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of June 2023. 

6/14/23- Update:

Burdick Materials will still have flagging operations on North and South sides of the Highway 40, and will  continue placing concrete for curb and sidewalk.  Monday(6/19)  and Tuesday (6/20) they will be pulverizing the road. The are aiming to start paving on the south side of State Street Wednesday(6/21), Thursday(6/22) and Friday (6/23).

Burdick Materials is continuing to prep sidewalk, curb and pedestrian ramps.  
They will be slipping curb on the north side this week and continue the side walk and tie in’s on the south side next week. 

5/17/23- Update:

Construction Notice Roosevelt State Street 800 S to 300 S

  • Burdick Materials will begin to string line today for sidewalks and curb and gutter along State Street. For the concrete to set up it will be necessary to temporarily block your driveway for 3-5 days. If possible, we ask that you park on the shoulder of the road during this time. If parking on the shoulder is not possible, please contact Glen Ivie at 435-823-6487 to discuss other possibilities.
  • If you see string up across your driveway, please do not drive across it, we will move it for you in order to get in and out except for the 3-5 days that the concrete needs to cure.
  • There will be equipment and crews out on the road please drive with caution

Thank you for your cooperation and patience!

5/9/23- Update: 

Finishing services and storm drain on south side by Wed or Thursday.  Beginning dig out for the road widening starting Monday on the south side.  One lane of traffic will continue.

We will be starting storm drain on the north side approximately May 15th.  Once we begin the storm drain on the north side this area will also be down to one lane of traffic.  Flaggers will be in both areas.

4/25/23-  Update for work being done this week: 

Crews will continue working on the storm drain and services on the south side of state street this week. One lane of traffic will continue for this area. Crews have begun installing a retention wall and doing some fence work on the north end  of the project.  The north side work will have no impact to the traveling public at this time.

Updated Approximate Project Schedule

4/18/23- Currently crews are installing underground utilities on state street south of US 40 to 800 South.   This work will continue throughout April and into May.  The traveling public should expect short delays due to one lane of travel in this area. Safety is our greatest priority so please watch closely for flaggers and our crews working. 


April 19-27 Start:
Irrigation Line Installation, Install Water Services, Block Retaining Wall Installation

May 2-12 Start:
Install Air Release Station,  Relocate Fire Hydrants, Shoulder Reconstruction & Widening, UTCB Roadway, Demo./ Install Concrete Sidewalk.

May 15-30 Start:
Install Concrete Curb and Gutter, Concrete Prep Sidewalk Driveway, Demo/ Install Concrete Driveway

June 2-20 Start
Pedestrian Ramp Installation, Patch Paving, Roadway Widening  Paving, Chip Seal Application,  Fence Relocation & Installation, Relocate Cluster Mailbox, Sign Installation

June 20-29 Start:
Relocate Valve Boxes & Manhole, Reconstruct Manhole & Boxes, Pavement Marking (1st application), Sod Installation

August 9 Start:
Pavement Marking (2nd application)