What is transparency in government and why is it important? Simply put, transparency in government means that information is provided to citizens about what their government is doing. This type of openness promotes accountability and will ultimately make the government more effective. 

Roosevelt City is committed to 100 percent transparency and we are striving to earn an A+ rating from the Sutherland Institute. According to the Sunshine Review, there are 10 pieces of information a city website must have to meet the basic standards of transparency:

  1. A central page for information on city taxes and fees 
  2. The city budget 
  3. Names and contact information for elected city leaders 
  4. Names and contact information for unelected city administrators 
  5. Minutes of past city council meetings 
  6. Financial audits of the city 
  7. Contracts that the city has awarded to private businesses 
  8. A list of any lobbying organization of which the city is a member 
  9. Instructions for obtaining public information from the city
  10. “How-to” information for obtaining building permits from the city
We've created this page as a resource for our residents. All the information the Sunshine Review recommends can be found under the Transparency tab. We are working hard to make all this information easily accessible on our website. If you have any questions or concerns regarding transparency, please contact Roosevelt City at 435-722-5001.