Tiny House Zoning Survey and Information

We have seen so much great feedback on the Tiny House Zoning survey. Thank you to everyone who has shared your thoughts with us! Please encourage your friends and neighbors to fill out the survey by May 3rd if they haven’t already.

We have noticed that there have been some concerns about the safety, hygiene, and livability of Tiny Houses, and wanted to clarify some information:

With Tiny Houses being relatively new, there is not a lot of code that has been written to address them, so at a state and local level, officials in Utah are working to establish reasonable Zoning as well as Building Codes. It is anticipated that the state will adopt the IRC code for Tiny House construction in 2023. This, along with already established Building Code, means that regardless of how we choose to regulate zoning for Tiny Houses, there are and will continue be safety and livability standards that need to be met for any residence in the city, including hooking up to sewer and other utilities.  

At this time, we are requesting comments on zoning regulations, which are primarily about where Tiny Houses can be built, lot size and accessory building size. To learn more about current Roosevelt City zoning, please review Title 17 of the Roosevelt City Code

You can also view the Roosevelt City Zoning Map to learn what zone you are in.

Please share your thoughts on Tiny Home zoning using this survey:

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